Women of the High Wall

Ass. Per Ananke – Officine di teatro sociale presso la Casa di reclusione di Rebibbia Femminile sez. Alta Sicurezza

The project

Who could have been interested in the story of the journey of a crew feeling seasick? Who would have listened to us? Who would have come to see us finally docking in an unknown harbour? But instead they came. They were there, they were a lot, all different, all free, waiting for us. Inquiring, prepared to listen to our voices, neutrals… I felt comfortable, no more distant, master of my words and of my history, and so closed to my seaquake companions. For once, someone listens to me…

So, we would like to continue this journey, we want to continue shouting out our emotions, we want to feel alive bumping into your eyes from the audience or into ours on the stage… But this time we are looking for a bigger adventure that’s the reason why, months ago, we started to work for the project “Le Donne Del Muro Alto” (Women of the High Wall), whose spectacles will allow to open prison’s doors and let you know a something about our world. Moreover, we are completing our book with tales and photos all realised by us, a group of detained and actress living in the female section of Rebibbia jail, to describe you the experience of the theatrical workshop, the dynamics of the prison, between us, or regarding the institutions, like transfers or delays, etc.

Follow the project

You can follow the progress of the development of the project on our web site www.ledonnedelmuroalto.it, where you will also find the updated blog, and our Facebook page and twitter.

Why Crowdfunding?

We decided to use crowdfunding as a tool to support our project because “Women of the High Wall” is only partly publicly financed by Lazio Region. This public finance will be annulled if we will not be able to gather the remaining part of the money that we need for the theater workshop and the shows. Moreover, through crowdfunding we will finance also a book describing the project, called “Log Book”.

Women of the High WallWhy teaching theater in prison?

Because detention should be a place of rehabilitation, with the aim of reintegration into society, self-discoverying, and getting a new image of the others and of the society. What better tool for this than theatre? The theatrical activity through its therapeutic and pedagogical function is the best instrument to change and improve themselves. Furthermore, theater is a fundamental means of communication between the world of jail and the outside world, a bridge between prison and external society.


House of imprisonment of Rebibbia – Female maximum security section.


It is a two years project:

in the first year, within March 2015, the plan is to create a theater play for internal and external audience and to publish the book “Log Book”.

the second year, from April 2015 till April 2016, we create an other create a theater play, for internal and external audience, and we will report on the entire two years project.

About us

The cultural Association Per Anake was founded in Rome in 2006, with the aim of spreading the culture and art of theater with special attention to the places of social disadvantage. Since 2010 deals with theater and prison, initially cooperating with several organization in this field, but now organizing alone theater workshops in the Female maximum security section of Rebibbia Prison. Francesca Tricarico is the theater director and conducts all workshop. The book “Log Book” is written by the woman detained who will participate in the project and by Francesca Tricarico, all photos are of Francesca Leonardi.
 For more info, please visit our web site www.perananke.it

“The degree of civilization of a society is measured by its prisons”    Dostoevskij